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Advantages of sandwich panels

Construction Lightness – Lightweight of Sandwich Panels affects the reduction of costs for equipping the basement; there is no need for heavy lifting equipment.  

Is biologically neutral material and have no impact on human physiology.

Low Thermal Conductivity  – According to rough estimates, Sandwich Panel, with a 10 cm thick expanded polystyrene retains heat as good as traditional building materials

Hygiene – Sandwich Panels meet the sanitary and environmental standards, including standards of housing construction; another property is excellent sound insulation. The panel construction excludes the appearance of fungus or mold, and panel materials are not attractive to rodents.  Sandwich Panels cladding perfectly carries detergent treatment.  


High strength characteristics due to high adhesion to the facings and the foam structure stiffer

Flame retardant insulation thanks to the closed-meshed structure

Mobility and Efficiency – Sandwich Panel is the only material that allows disassembling the construction and erecting it somewhere else.  At the same time, due to the light weight of Sandwich Panels, transportation could be relatively cheap.  The transportation costs for delivery of a square meter of one Sandwich Panels wall is 50 times cheaper than, for example, for delivery of bricks or concrete.  

Long Working Life – The working life of Sandwich Panels on average is about 50 years.  Besides, since the building of Sandwich Panels is an assembled prefabrication, any damaged element of the construction could be easily replaced.