Mission and goals of the company

Company «izipanel» entered the Armenian market of sandwich panels in 2012.


Due to its layered structure, insulation and hygienic properties of polyurethane sandwich panels are used as load-bearing surfaces of industrial and office buildings, refrigerated warehouses, shopping pavilions, container buildings and other facilities, renovation of existing buildings and premises.

High thermal and technical, sanitary and decoration quality wall sandwich panels is several times lower operating costs of buildings. As an insulation material in the production of sandwich panels using polyurethane foam – an environmentally friendly, lightweight, durable, termovodostoyky material. Subsequently, the locks can disengage and remove sandwich panels without damage to the joints.

We produce sandwich wall panels with insulation of polyurethane foam with a profiled sheet of galvanized steel with a protective polymer coating.

We are committed to the formation of stable and mutually beneficial relations with our partners. We look confidently to the future and not be satisfied with the successes achieved in the market, we develop together with you, we are committed to understanding your values ​​and needs of tomorrow. For this we have all the necessary intellectual, material and production resources.